AI Agent Security

AI agents interact with their environments to take action on our behalf.

But the digital environment in which these agents exist is shared with us - including the same bad actors determined to compromise our systems and steal our assets.

Decentralized AI agents can interact with the Oz Security API to protect themselves from bad actors in exactly the same way as human users.

As agents take action on behalf of their owners, security signals from the Oz Security dataset can be used to check the validity of destinations before completing the transaction. The integration with agents can be entirely seamless, directly built into their workflow.

Consider an AI agent that makes token purchases on behalf of a user whenever certain market conditions are reached.

The agent may make token purchases from a static set of established decentralized exchange liquidity pools. If a liquidity pool is compromised, like the 2023 hack on Curve, the agent may fall victim to an attack in exactly the same way that a user could.

The AI agent could avoid attacks of this nature by integrating threat intelligence data from the Oz Security API. If our dataset labeled the destination as malicious, the agent could perform a pre-check on Oz data to exclude any high-risk or compromised liquidity pools when conducting transactions.

This check, much like the agent itself, can be fully automated, thus protecting AI agents from attacks before they occur.

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