What is Oz?

Oz is a modular data collection protocol that incentivizes open sharing of specialized data. Our mission is to enable universal access to private data to disrupt the covert data collection tactics used by big tech.

How can Oz data be used?

At launch, Oz will support collectors for threat intelligence signals focused on crypto endpoints. These signals can be used to determine if wallets, smart contracts, domains, and Twitter profiles are associated with bad actors, malicious, or safe to use.

What is OZT?

OZT is the native token of the Oz protocol. The token is used to transact data within the Oz ecosystem. OZT is earned when data is provided and spent when data is read from the protocol.

What are Collectors?

Collectors are software or hardware tools that structure data and send it back to the Oz protocol for aggregation and distribution. They are modular, allowing anyone to build a new type of collector using the open SDK. Different types of collectors can be used to gather specialized data in any format and share it with the community.

How can Oz data be used?

At launch, Oz will support collectors for cybersecurity data. These threat intelligence signals can be provided by anyone via the Oz Security Chrome Extension.

Your security signals will be incorporated into Oz Threat Feed and used to protect web3 users from common cyberattacks like phishing, wallet drainers, and drive-by attacks.

How is Data Quality Maintained?

Oz employs multiple strategies to ensure only high-quality data is shared with the protocol. First, data can only be sent by registered collectors. Collectors structure the data, ensuring consistent formatting. Second, the protocol maintains a reputation score for each entity that submits data. Reputation can be improved by associating accounts (ie. proof of personhood), by sharing data consistently over time, and by receiving positive ratings by data consumers.

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