On Oz, Reputation Scores are used to represent the quality of data shared by a single data provider for a specific collector.

Reputation management

Gathering Reputation Data

Reputation scores are collected from subscribers at the end of the subscription period. They represent the subscriber's subjective rating about the data provider's data quality for the given collector during the subscription period.

Oz maintains the most recent 10 reputation scores for each data provider at each collector, and new scores supersede older scores.

Assigning Scores

Reputation scores are tied to individual wallet addresses. This means that data providers cannot wash-trade NFTs in order to cleanse them of their reputations. Instead, users need to accumulate reputation via consistently sharing high quality data.

Using Reputation

The purpose of reputation scoring is to allow subscribers to select data feeds from high-quality data providers.

Reputation is searchable on-chain, allowing subscribers to select among the top network participants to receive data feeds, and eliminate low quality providers, sybils, and bad actors.

In the Code

To view how Oz manages reputation on-chain, visit our GitHub repository -

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