Problems we solve

The apps you use today have a monopoly on the data you generate within them. Oz aims to exfiltrate that data, so you can sell it directly to whoever wants to buy it.

We generate data in hundreds of digital locations - apps, web pages, networking devices, IoT sensors, and more.

Universal Collector Set

Incentivize 1000 application developers to build collectors for their application data, opening access to their internal datasets.

Why Share

In small quantities, data has no value. Useful datasets are large, well-structured and have very low noise.

Collectors gather, concentrate, and add structure to data from any source, making them perfect for tapping in to data collecting products with minimal overhead from developers.


Developers can select an existing collector that matches their dataset, or define their own. To enable data sharing, developers embed a few lines of code into their application.

From there, each of their users become data providers on Oz. Anyone can subscribe to their data feed and begin constructing a useful data set to train AI or build analytics products.

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