The Problem of Choice

Today's most successful businesses owe their competitive edge to data.

The largest of these organizations - Google, Facebook, Netflix - began as basic product companies. They provided the best search, social, and entertainment experiences for their users. But once these companies achieved near-monopolies in their respective verticals, things changed.

The objective of their core products shifted from providing value to users, to extracting it. Each of their products now serve as data collectors - harvesting information from their users to sell in private markets.

Why is this a problem?

The only company that can access data from Google search is Google. They have monopoly over your data.

Through monopolies, businesses can charge whatever they want, exclude participants freely, and decide what succeeds and what fails.

We believe strongly in free markets, and their ability to harness competition to improve the state of the world for as many people as possible. Monopolies kill innovation - and we want to fight back.

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